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Communities in Schools

CIS is a local, non-profit organization which is part of a nation-wide “stay-in-school” network.  On campus, CIS works closely with families, teachers, principals, and other school staff to help students be successful in school. Our goal is help children learn, stay in school, and make positive life choices. CIS “Site Coordinators” are housed on school campuses to help create a support system for students. We successfully build support systems with the aid of parents, school staff, local businesses, civic organizations, government, social service providers, and volunteer groups.
Activities provided by CIS are designed to help students improve self-confidence, behavior, attendance, and grades. For students, CIS can provide: counseling support, academic support (including homework assistance, organizational skills, etc.), school supply assistance, and group activities to address social skills, character development, career awareness, and self-esteem. These activities can take place in person while at school or virtually for our remote learners.
For parents, CIS can provide: parental support and guidance, referrals to community agencies for counseling, employment information, and basic needs. CIS can also serve as a link for healthcare and/or medical issues with community services (i.e. medical, dental, vision).
CIS works with families to reduce barriers to a successful education and prepare students for fun-filled days of learning!
For more information or to begin the application process, please reach out to our Canyon HS CIS Site Coordinator:
Cindy Torres
(830) 221-3370