Welcome to Canyon High School

Welcome to Canyon High School, where excellence is an attitude! Our school is committed to collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, all while maintaining high standards of accountability. 

We are proud to serve a diverse student body of approximately 2,300 students. We strive to prepare our students for postsecondary readiness and offer a range of academic programs, including regular and modified curriculum courses, dual enrollment opportunities, and advanced placement courses.

Our school culture and climate are focused on giving back to the community, celebrating successes, and promoting a wide range of extracurricular groups. We acknowledge and highlight students and staff for their individual contributions to the campus as a whole, fostering student recognition and trust among faculty and staff. 

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful, and we offer various staff development opportunities to support their growth. It is my sincere belief that the cornerstone of any school is high standards and expectations for students, co-curricular participation and responsible citizenship. Canyon High School has a long and rich tradition of developing students who meet these standards. 

At Canyon High School, we prioritize maximizing academic performance, preparing classrooms and facilities for learning, embracing choice, and recruiting, developing, and coaching talent.
I would like to take this opportunity to express to you the honor and enthusiasm I feel for being the principal at Canyon High School. I feel privileged and blessed to work where I am surrounded by outstanding students, staff, and community members.
We believe in creating a winning tradition through perseverance and grit for all students, and we look forward to welcoming new families into our community!
Dustin Davisson