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Application Process

Application Process Tips

  • Narrow your list of colleges to between 5 and 10. Visit as many colleges as possible. DON’T put all your eggs in one basket by only choosing and applying to one school.  Have a plan B and a plan C ready to go just in case.
  • Make a master calendar and note:
  • Test dates
  • College application due dates
  • Required financial aid application and deadlines
  • Recommendations, transcripts and other necessary materials
  • Ask for recommendations from people who KNOW you! (teachers, counselors, coaches, pastors, employers, etc.) If you are requesting a letter of recommendation from a counselor, complete the “recommendation form” which is located in the college and career center.
  • Write application essays and ask teachers, parents and friends to read first drafts—use spell and grammar checks.
  • Take the SAT and ACT


Application Deadlines

Applying early action or early decision:

  • November 1: for early admissions, colleges may require test scores and applications in early November
  • Send your SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Ask if your college offers an early estimate of financial aid and eligibility
  • Complete FAFSA as soon as possible. More money is available in the fall than in the spring—many priority deadlines for financial aid fall in February.